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The concern for authenticity (hence functionality) inherent in the design of Nour&Patria stems from the imperative of forestalling the gradual “Latinization” of writing systems. Behind the veil of cultural exchange, Latinization promotes assimilation; ignoring a scrips particular texture and usage of the cartesian space, Latinization weakens its natural formation of word shapes. Some writing systems have already suffered irreparable harm. Others are now fighting to maintain their individuality, but finding few partisans in this age of gray homogeneity...

Cyrillic Sterilized

Devanagari Diluted

Latinization is not new: the pragmatic Greek forms started drifting towards the Roman ideal from the moment of conquest, rendering them uncharacteristically severe. Today, technology provides an excuse for the drastic Latinization of Arabic, detracting from its glorious heritage. The Latin capitals exhibit a sublime balance between straights and rounds - the world would be poorer without them. Why should we dilute the supernatural lustre of wondrous Tibetan?

Ancient Latinization

Contemporary Latinization

Supernatural Tibetan